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Hi, My name is Mariely, and I am passionate about creating fun, eye-catching engaging content for brands. For the last 7 years, I have grown my expertise in Social Media video production, content creation, and much more. In addition, I can add background music, subtitles, captions, logos, special effects, color grading, etc. I know how to find and take trending sounds and make content curated for your brand to bring awareness to the product you sell. If you have any questions, please let me know. Mariely Making Posting Content Fun Again


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Testimonials and Samples

I am very pleased with the fantastic work that ellecommerce delivered! I contacted her a few days ago and received a reply after a few hours. She directly understood what I need and adapted to my needs to achieve a perfect result. I sent her the product and she got started right away. She created 3 great videos and you could clearly see that she put a lot of thinking and effort into the content creation. I can highly recommend working with ellecommere if you want to have awesome content to use for social media!

She made my ad pretty good like I wanted and did made it in 2 days which I really appreciated. Would recommend

"To make it on TikTok as a Brand, having user generated content is a must. You can find good UGC here on Upwork.Mariely is excellent. She gets "it." She's destined for for greatness.If you're looking for someone that can personify your brand the best on TikTok, stop scrolling, click "Hire" and make sure you give Mariely a shot. She will exceed your expectations."

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