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My name is Jules and I am here to help you increase your company's brand awareness, boost your sales and take away the frustration and stress of creating your content by helping you with your TikTok account and marketing/promotional videosI'm a successful, experienced and consistently booked TIKTOK SPECIALIST, CONTENT CREATOR and VIDEO SPOKESPERSON who has worked with HUNDREDS of clients on various marketing and promotional videos and TikTok content.

Previous clients include Conde Nast, Matador Network, Fulton Fish Market, Glowmance, Athletic Greens, Sprinly, Vital Proteins and many more.

My talent is in listening to each individual clients vision and needs, and then crafting original, unique and on-brand videos which can be used for your TikTok account or really any other social media platform or website.

However my main passion and expertise is in Tik Tok. I am a highly skilled creative who can also help you devise a great TikTok strategy based on your business needs.


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