Darlin Z.

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Why do I believe I'm the better choice for your project? I never rush. With every single project, my aim is to deliver you a piece of advertising GOLD.A persuasive work of storytelling, built on the foundations of consumer psychology.All of this - with YOUR BRAND and YOUR BUSINESS in focus.With an MA in Consumer Psychology and 2 certifications of graphic design & video editing, my video ads have contributed to $4.6 Million (reported) in sales for 100's of web shops, including my own.


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Testimonials and Samples

"Darlin was super responsive and efficient. It was a great video! Our team is very satisfied with her work."

"Darlin was perfect and did the work extremely well. I would certainly be coming back for more work considering her professionalism. She cleared all details and didn't leave any room for error."

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