Cherina O.

UGC Creator
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Let's be honest, the social media space has shifted & there’s no better way to capture the benefits of using your product, than by creating relatable UGC content & short form videos for your social media account like Amazon, TikTok & Instagram.

Since I work as an independent freelancer, my availability/schedule is unknown, however I do my best to manage daily request for client requiring one time services.

Not only have I worked with over 140 amazon business clients/brands I've also bridge the gap between less effective video content to an more highly effective marketing approach, delivering professionally made content all designed, edited, and hosted all by me.

Services: UGC Content Creator


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Testimonials and Samples

"Cherina fulfilled the brief well - we really liked her energy in the video and she ensured the lighting and quality was good too. Engaging, clearly spoken, and authentic. Would love to work with you again Cherina! Hope you enjoyed our products."

"Very nice work done by Cherina. :) We will certainly have more work for her soon!"

"It was a pleasure working with Cherina. High Quality work."

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